Chinese Chain Punching Kung Fu

Imagine bare knuckle punching, that feels like

"machine gun fire"

Introducing the secrets of Chinese Chain Punching Kung Fu.
The ultimate self defense system
(definitely not for sport).

Dear Friend,

In the old days in mainland China the kung fu fighters fought bare handed and were unafraid to do so, because they knew exactly how to pulverize an opponent with thunderous machine gun like blows without breaking their own hands.

sifu Sergio They knew the secret of the three gates, left and right theory and were able to punch so quickly that their punches were virtually invisible to onlookers.

You thought you saw one punch but how come he was actually hit by six. Amazing? Yes, it's true, these formerly lost secrets of the old kung fu fighters are perfect for defending yourself on the street today.

If someone comes looking for trouble when you're walking with your girl, imagine needing about one second and dropping him without breaking a sweat or having your pulse go up a single beat. Never walk in fear again ever!

The Chinese Kung Fu fighters ruled the world of fighting throughout the 1800s and early 1900.

The great kung fu legend doctor Leung Jan and more recently the late Bruce lee had several bare knuckle fights where he used the devastating chain punching techniques to totally destroy his opponent. The Chinese Kung Fu masters were so skilled in using the chain punching techniques that they overcame their opponents without having to worry if the opponent would land even one blow.

Besides, each of these chain punches possessed a force to throw back an opponent several feet. The late Bruce Lee knew a few of these ancient techniques too. In fact he demonstrated a small piece of it during his one inch demos.

Too bad this technology has been lost and totally misunderstood in the last several decades. It would have saved a lot of lives and ended long drawn fights a lot faster. I'm telling you right now, when you are armed with the chain punching secrets of the old Chinese Kung Fu masters, any self defence situation you ever have, will be over in no time flat. If the fight lasts longer than 10 seconds you did something very wrong. But that is not going to happen because the Chinese Chain Punching fighting secrets are so simple and easy to master, you'll be stunned. Just go relax on your couch, put my DVD in your player, sit back and be absolutely enthralled.

First thing you're going to do is laugh.

You'll laugh because of how simple yet brutal each technique is.

Second thing you're going to do is understand that you can easily apply these invisible yet totally deliberate strikes in virtually any situation. In a self defence situation you'll be able to end the occurring threat immediately.

Hi, my name is Dan Spencer,
I've gone through great pain to get this crucial information on the market for you. First of all let me tell you that I have done a lot of research to find a real expert on this subject. The guy I found is doing this practically for the greater part of his life. He is the chief instructor of one of the largest Chinese kung fu associations in the world and one of the few who really studied this amazing stuff in mainland China. I was really tired of seeing these so called grand masters teaching their so called secrets of Chinese Kung Fu and finding out they learned it somewhere around the corner at some Karate school.

Last summer I was in Hong Kong for research and there I found the person I was looking for, while relaxing in Kowloon park in Hong Kong, enjoying the morning rituals of the elderly Hong Kong population, who were going through their Tai Chi forms. My eyes suddenly caught a guy going through some amazing Kung Fu fighting drills, the movements were unlike any I had seen before, sure it resembled something like Wing Chun Kung Fu but the motions were more round but still amazingly powerful and short.

I myself am a avid follower and researcher of the Chinese martial arts and I have to tell you
I was impressed, and I'm not easily impressed, having seen hundreds of masters and grand masters in action. So I decided to have a chat with the guy and invite him for a little sparring session

Now let me tell you I was impressed when I saw him training, but within 5 minutes sparring with the guy, I was turned from being impressed into a total believer and student of this 33 year old guy sifu Sergio Iadarola.

And let me tell you why.

He totally controlled me at will, no matter which attack I launched at him.

His arms seemed to come from everywhere! never in my life I have been on the receiving end of so many punches, the guy just punched so incredibly quick it was mind-blowing. And that's not all several times he punched me several feet away with the kind of power I only read about in testimonials and eye witness accounts from people who met the late Bruce Lee.

I decided there and then on the spot to become a student and took my time to get to know my new found kung fu master during the next few weeks in Hong Kong.

Hanging out with the guy was like being in Kung Fu Disneyland, I got to meet the top of the top, the Mickey mouses and Donald Ducks of the Hong Kong Kung Fu world. It was incredible to see these Chinese Grand Masters having such a deep respect for a 33 year old Master.

GM Chiu Chi Ling (Kung Fu Hustle)and sifu Sergio
GM Chiu Chi Ling (Kung Fu Hustle)
and his friend sifu Sergio

Sifu Sergio Iadarola is one of only a handful of masters of the Chi Sim Wing Chun Kung Fu system which traces its lineage back directly to the Southern Shaolin temple.

I was a witness of him getting his master certificate from
Grandmaster Cheng Kwong.

Gm Cheng Kwong giving the master certificate to sifu Sergio
Master Sergio getting his master certificate from
Grandmaster Cheng Kwong in Chi Sim Wing Tjun Kung Fu

master certificate received from GM Cheng Kwong

It took me a whole lot of trouble and effort to get this first dvd on the market for you. Until recently this specialized knowledge was only kept within the Chi Sim Kung Fu family. Therefore it took me literally weeks of trying to persuade master Sergio Iadarola, and even longer to convince his teacher grandmaster Cheng Kwong to make this knowledge available on a worldwide scale so people like you can be a part of this amazing knowledge from the southern Shaolin temple.

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Dear Sifu Iadarola,

I've ordered your dvd on april, the 24th of 2007, and I've seen it many times:
let me say that is very interesting and there are never before seen
(and listened) concepts on it, and clear (very rare to find this
quality in most of the Wing Chun/Tsun dvds, tutorials, books, ecc.)
explanations of them.

Definitively one of the best fighting dvd I ever seen.

I'm waiting for the next one, and keep training with your
revolutionary concepts!

Davide Morciano ,

Escrima Grandmaster Rene Latosa

Dear Sifu Sergio,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you must have heard this a thousand time before, but truly no one has ever explained the chain punching the way you do, please do not take this the wrong way - but either most of the other teacher out there don't know what they are talking about or are too afraid to share their knowledge. You are truly a GREAT TEACHER!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD... We will keep the WING TJUN SYSTEM ALIVE!!! I must say this one... more... time... NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has ever explained the chain punching principles and application the way you do. May God richly bless you and may your kung fu knowledge grow beyond your own expectations!

"What the mind dwells upon it believes. What it believes it attracts!!!"
Yours in Wing Tjun,

Ralph Kayser - South Africa

Dear Sifu Sergio,

The only thing I can say is, please bring out more material!
I incorporated these concepts and techniques of the Chinese Chain Punching Kungfu in my Karate system and it kicks ass!

Steve Miller
2nd Dan Wado Kai Karate, New York City - USA

Yves SchwarmesHi Sergio, Sifu.

I never had the chance to see you in Life-Action.

I heard so much about you, from People that even didn't know you and also from some of your students.

I now had the chance to see two of your dvd's.

For me, these two are the best Wing Tsun Learning DVDs I ever saw.

So much competent, so logical, so rational. I'm really impressed. That's how WT makes sence ... I'm waiting for your next ones.

Sifu Yves Schwarmes, Head of the International Organisation of Martial Arts. (I.O.M.A.)

Respect and regards,

Hello Sifu

I ve wached Your dvd`s many many times.
they are more then i can put into words!!
thank You.

i ll hope You are going to do more dvd`s about the
18 briding concepts and the chi sao sections.
thank You for the time that You put into Your dvd`s.

sorry for my bad english

Jean-Paul Veillard - France

Richard, Daryll and Shaun

Hi Sifu Sergio

I have ordered all your DVD's and they are incredible. After training for 9 years I thought I knew quite a lot about the Wing Tjun system but what I have learnt in the past few weeks has really opened my eyes.

You hold nothing back! Look forward to learning more from you in the future."

South Africa


Being a WT student for the past five years and constantly surfing the net for more information I can finally say my prayers have been answered.

Sifu Sergio's DVD's are the most informative lessons I have ever received during my training and his knowledge of other fighting styles makes for interesting watching.

Can't wait to see what comes next!!

Darryl Alexander
South Africa

Dear G M Sergio Iadarola

Let me begin by thanking you for all your time and effort you put into something we are all so passionate about. Since ordering your DVD's I can honestly say it has taken my training, understanding and knowledge to the next level. I understand more now in 2 months since receiving your DVD'S than I did in 9 years of training,

Student for life

South Africa

Hi sifu sergio
I received the Biu tze DVD I purchased yesterday. Having watched it, I now realise, as I have always known at the back of my mind, that I still have a long way to go. Thanks 4 putting it out Sifu

I look at my training as well as with all my experiences in life, and hope that, I not only get the best rock solid foundation, but everything from start to finish is stable and of the very best. I still look forward and hope that i get the honour to one day train directly under you until then I'm very happy to learn from your dvds they are among if not the best on the market! thank you

yours faithfully,
Ikenna Croydon, great britain

After my hard work here is the deal I got for you by
GM Cheng Kwong and Sifu Sergio.

You will learn the techniques and concepts
formerly only taught to inside members of the
Chi Sim Wing Chun Kung Fu family!

You'll get this DVD at a shockingly and embarrassingly low price. After all you'll be getting master Sergio's self acquired knowledge over the past 18 years. Grandmaster Sergio didn't learn these ancient secrets for nothing. He paid a heavy price, physically and financially. It would be no exaggeration if I told you he spent tens of thousands of dollars as well as thousands of hours acquiring this knowledge.

Just realize how much it would cost, if you would have to travel to China, find a master who's willing to teach these ancient secrets, which I doubt you will, and pay for a months stay and probably longer. And remember, Chinese masters are not easily sharing their knowledge, especially specialized knowledge like this.

Taking this into account, I don't think it would be off base to charge €400 for this DVD. But I'm not going to do that even though I probably should.

So here's the deal. You can get these secrets for the ridiculously low price of 49.
But only if you place your order now and make sure you get it while the getting is good.

signature Dan Spencer

P.S. The Chinese Chain Punching Kung Fu secrets will pulverize street punks in seconds. Get you hands on this DVD now. You'll never regret having this knowledge always ready to use when the time arises. And I'm betting that someday that time will arise.

order now